I have a mathematical modeling final at Ogeechee tech on Monday, and need a graphing calculator for the exam! Willing to meet up and will give it back to you as soon as possible. Will tip $20. submitted by /u/rksmeeth [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 4 hours ago
By /u/rksmeeth
Where can we support the good ol U. S. and A. In the world cup on Saturday? I guess, besides every bar downtown? Anywhere special? submitted by /u/joerulezz [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 5 hours ago
By /u/joerulezz
​ https://preview.redd.it/ccbhb1fc6c3a1.png?width=1672&format=png&auto=webp&s=1f9ae1e0a27c242fbc89dc4c7324d83ad1265b1b By Eric Curl Nov. 30, 2022 – Bad soil struck again. Essentially, that’s the finding of the engineering firm investigating the collapse of a section of Hutchinson Island’s riverwalk in June. Read the full story> submitted by /u/Savannah_Agenda [link] [comments] ... Read more
Published on: 7 hours ago
By /u/Savannah_Agenda
Hello All 🙂 We are moving to the local area in a few weeks and I am looking for recommendations for help to unload a trailer into a storage unit. I have been having issues finding what I am looking for on google. Would I still want a moving company's... Read more
Published on: 7 hours ago
By /u/wtfhotpnklipgls
submitted by /u/SAVComedyUnderground [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 8 hours ago
By /u/SAVComedyUnderground
Hi folks! I'm trying to find a good cause to support with an engraved brick in preferably Downtown Savannah. I've found the Botanical Gardens brick memorial, looking for similar options. Thank you! submitted by /u/coordinatedflight [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 8 hours ago
By /u/coordinatedflight
Official unemployment figures for the Savannah economy were updated today. Numbers for September have been finalized and preliminary figures for October have now been made available. September The unemployment rate fell to 2.5% in September. 600 positions were added, and 200 workers left the labor force causing the unemployment rate... Read more
Published on: 8 hours ago
By /u/SavannahStatistics
I just got front row for Los Lobos! submitted by /u/royalredcanoe [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 11 hours ago
By /u/royalredcanoe
Weather permitting, CEMA will be conducting its monthly test of the Emergency Warning Siren System on the first Wednesday of this month (it may even be today, sorry I'm a bot and I post this on the 1st day of month whatever day that happens to be). The sirens will... Read more
Published on: 12 hours ago
By /u/AutoModerator
Hello. We will be visiting Savannah and Tybee Island during my wife's birthday. I would like to take her somewhere special to celebrate the occasion. Any recommendations for great restaurants in and around the area? Birthday is on a Tuesday. Thank you. submitted by /u/brainwashed_this_way [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 13 hours ago
By /u/brainwashed_this_way
Want to meet new people? Are you throwing together a game night at a coffee shop? Need a movie buddy? Post your meet-up here! Remember, COVID is still a thing, so take precautions and follow CDC guidelines. Some ground rules: Rules still apply to posts. Don't post identifying information. Posts... Read more
Published on: 13 hours ago
By /u/AutoModerator
Weird occurrence early this morning. Not in Savannah, but in Port Wentworth. Time was ~4:10 AM. Had a video playing low volume in background- was just nodding off when I heard what sounded like a truck or bus with breaks that squeal in a low tone when stopping. Didn't open... Read more
Published on: 16 hours ago
By /u/hard-candy-christmas
I’m very curious to what everyone thinks was the motive behind this, here are some of my theories. 1. Distraction for larger crime 2. Election interference (before run off election) 3. Bad actor testing and observing law enforcement response to active shooter at school(really hope it’s not this) 4. Some... Read more
Published on: 18 hours ago
By /u/Emergency-Ad-5197
submitted by /u/NickelPlatedEmperor [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 20 hours ago
By /u/NickelPlatedEmperor
I've been to Savannah quite a few times before in the winter, but never in early December. Looking at the weather reports, it seems much warmer than it does around New Years, from what I recall. Am I just misremembering or is it actually just a warmer than usual year?... Read more
Published on: 22 hours ago
By /u/appleparkfive

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