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​ https://preview.redd.it/tgjapesb7lpb1.png?width=1200&format=png&auto=webp&s=4464eee0c714500f2c0801c6551ac547b973a456 By Eric Curl Sept. 17, 2023 (updated Sept. 18, 2023) – Unlike the city of Savannah, Chatham County doesn’t publicly list where licensed short-term vacation rentals are located. In an attempt to provide this information, which many readers have sought, I made an open records request to... Read more
Published on: 1 hour ago
By /u/Savannah_Agenda
I’m a huge Jazz Festival fan and supporter. We purchased tickets for Latin Jazz night at Ships of the Seas museum and this is usually one of our favorites. Last year was free because of Covid and I get that they need to charge this year. $0 to $25 per... Read more
Published on: 10 hours ago
By /u/jetpack324
I saw that Captain Judy of Miss Judy Charters posted something on Facebook about the Young’s Marina candy shop. I found it very interesting and I was wondering if anyone had any old photos or stories of this shop back when it was still running? I’ve always wondered what... Read more
Published on: 11 hours ago
By /u/Aromatic-Fennel3536
My friend and I are visiting from abroad for a few days and wanted to walk around and look at some examples of "southern wealth" - e.g. huge mansions with columns and old southern architecture. We saw some example when we were in NOLA but didn't have time to walk... Read more
Published on: 12 hours ago
By /u/GodIReallyHateYouTim
2 parents + 2 "kids" (30-year-olds). Looking for somewhere not completely loud but has good food and nice-ish vibes - reservations ideal. You get the idea. I searched and didn't find any similar posts. Was thinking Cotton & Rye, Ardsley Station, The Garage. Where am I missing? Thanks! submitted by... Read more
Published on: 13 hours ago
By /u/eeek0711
Has anyone in Savannah completely rid their home of fleas? Is there a service anyone would recommend and treatment for cats that has worked? submitted by /u/Pharmgirl2499 [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By /u/Pharmgirl2499
I found and removed this in one of the squares. Someone had screwed it into a live oak with three screws about 1.5 inches long each. I sympathize with the family but this is the wrong way to memorialize someone. submitted by /u/jetpack324 [link] [comments] ... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By /u/jetpack324
Does anyone know what kind of spider is in the picture? I've seen them on/off again the last few years. They weave a very large, beautiful web. submitted by /u/Altruistic-Ad3274 [link] [comments] ... Read more
Published on: 15 hours ago
By /u/Altruistic-Ad3274
I’ve lived in the SAV area for about 10 years now. I’ve lived in the West District, Live Oak area, Midtown/Baldwin Park pretty much all over before moving out towards Pooler about 4 years ago. When I moved to Pooler, I lived in a handful of the complexes here. I’ve... Read more
Published on: 16 hours ago
By /u/LongjumpingAd4371
Respectfully, I know how annoying tourist questions are so if you respond please consider this an IOU for advice if you ever visit Alaska. I have plans to visit pin point, and am looking also to visit a plantation that focuses on the enslaved peoples rather than the abusers. Any... Read more
Published on: 17 hours ago
By /u/alaskaland4ever
r/savworkalong is a place for us to organize meet-ups, socialize with other remote workers, and maybe even collaborate on projects. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to get that office feel, without needing to rent office space. If there is any interest shown, I'd love to create a meetup... Read more
Published on: 17 hours ago
By /u/PresidentReavis
Hi guys I’m looking for a small place to rent by a private landlord. Its for my BIL he’s a 24 m I’m trying to find him something small affordable and clean if you know of any leads I’d love to follow them up. submitted by /u/LogicOfUnkown [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 17 hours ago
By /u/LogicOfUnkown
Is anyone else experiencing absurdly high power bills the last two months? I live in a one-bedroom apartment (... Read more
Published on: 17 hours ago
By /u/theperpetualfurrow
It's time to start paying property taxes again, and every time I forget that the city's online tax payment reads, "ONLY Internet Explorer 7 or higher OR Safari 6 or higher should be used to complete payments" I mean... Internet Exploiter doesn't exist anymore. Come on. submitted by /u/MDS_RN [link]... Read more
Published on: 19 hours ago
By /u/MDS_RN
Looking for a synthetic running track. Is savannah states track public pending college useage? submitted by /u/National_Elk3086 [link] [comments]... Read more
Published on: 20 hours ago
By /u/National_Elk3086

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